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FPM Group is a Qualified Vendor for NYC Brownfield Incentive Grant (BIG) Program

New York City’s Local Brownfield Cleanup Program (LBCP) was launched by the NYC Office of Environmental Remediation (OER) in August 2010 and is anticipated to facilitate the redevelopment of NYC’s environmentally-impaired properties. NYC’s OER previously took over the city’s E-designation Program in 2009. Under both the LBCP and E-designation Programs, the NYC OER is offering Brownfield Incentive Grants (BIG) to provide financial assistance for services and activities typically required at these sites. In June, 2010 FPM Group became a Qualified Vendor for investigation and remediation services at LBCP and E-designation sites. Clients that use FPM for services at these sites are eligible for BIG reimbursements for a wide variety of qualifying services - this can result in big savings!


















BIG Program grants available for LBCP sites include up to $10,000 for pre-development services (Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, conceptual plans, title searches, and others); up to $25,000 for environmental investigation services (work plans, geophysical surveys, soil, groundwater and soil vapor sampling, and investigation reports); and up to $100,000 for cleanup services (work plans, soil removal and disposal, sampling, engineered caps, and reporting). Additional special grants are available for Track 1 cleanups, BOA strategic property cleanups, and other preferred projects. BIG Program grants for pre-development and environmental investigation services can be obtained even without enrolling the property in the LBCP!








BIG Program grants for E-designated sites cover up to $5,000 in qualifying cleanup costs and are available once the cleanup is completed.


How it works:


• The potential grantee hires a Qualified Vendor;

• The Qualified Vendor conducts the services in accordance with the BIG Program requirements;

• The potential grantee submits a grant requisition to the BIG Program Administrator;

• NYC OER executes a BIG Agreement with the grantee; and

• Grantee is paid in accordance with the BIG reimbursable allowance for each eligible service.


FPM has been designated as a Qualified Vendor of Environmental Consulting and Professional Engineering services under the BIG Program, including Phase I ESAs, investigation work plans and reports, sampling and analytical testing, remedial action work plans and reports, soil excavation and disposal, confirmatory sampling, backfilling, and installation of capping materials. If your project involves one or more of these services and you are in NYC’s E-designation Program or are considering entering the LBCP, using FPM could make you eligible for grants for eligible costs! Please contact FPM’s Hydrogeology Department for more information about the BIG Program and how you can take advantage of it!



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